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        Longyan Wuhuan environmental protection equipment Co., Ltd. after ten years of development, has become a high-tech enterprise manufacturing professional mechanical and electrical integration of dust removal equipment in Fujian Province, and Longyan City Hall included in Longyan city scale industrial enterprises. The company is a member of Chinese environmental protection industry association and the Fujian provincial Environmental Protection Industry Association... MORE >>


    BKD series of high efficiency, energy saving of electric dust collector
    BKD series
    PPFW series of air box pulse bag type dust collector
    PPFW series
    LFEFW series reverse blowing bag type dust collector
    LFEFW serie
    LCMW series of long bag pulse bag type dust remover
    LCMW series
    BC series of electric precipitator
    BC series o
    GGAJ06 series three-phase high voltage silicon rectifier
    GGAJ06 seri
    GGAJ02 series high voltage silicon rectifier power supply
    GGAJ02 seri
    The low voltage control system of electric dust collector
    The low vol



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